Scientific Coordination
Graziano Ferrari
Scientific and organizational coordinator
Head of  SISMOS Group  since 2008, has a long experience in the field of the history of scientific observation of Italian natural phenomena and in the use of its data in a modern scientific perspective. Coordinator of several international working groups in this area, including Methods and Data for the Study of Earthquakes Recorded on Pre-WWSSN Seismograms of the European Seismological Commission.
Gianfranco Vannucci
INGV Bologna
INGV Researcher in the Bologna branch office, has a decade of experience in the treatment of historical and macroseismic data in scientific key. Carries out part of its activities at the prestigious seat of Ximeniano of Florence, also for the project to develop the extraordinary scientific and cultural heritage of the observatory itself.
Coordination Workshops
Giuliana D'Addezio

Laboratory Education and Science Communication

INGV researcher deals with evaluations of seismic hazard and study of seismogenic sources. Since 2008 she is the coordinator of the Teaching Laboratory and Scientific Divugation and is in charge of popular activities with schools in the Rome and the INGV participation in the Festival of Science in Genoa and in other scientific locations.

Organizing Secretariat
Monia Maresci
Relationships with partner organizations
Graduated in Political Sciences with a specialization in public administration, assists the coordinator of the exhibition in the management of relationships with the Italian and foreign partners. In SISMOS is one of the coordinators in the field of vectorization of the seismograms, organizes and takes care of the activities, conducts training to foreign researchers.
Antonella Ierardi

Province of Florence
Department of Culture

Employee of Culture Department at the Florence Province, she is responsible for the organization and the installation of all exhibitions and events taking place in the exhibition spaces of Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Maintaining relations with relevant exhibitors and manages the booking calendar spaces.

Congress Secretariat
Silvia Nardi
Organization of conferences

Graduated in French Language and Literature with specializations as an interpreter and translator for English and French, works in INGV since 1995 where is in charge organization, coordination of conference activities carried out at INGV and other institutions. Provides support to the Project EPOS taking care of the organization and implementation of meetings and project meetings.




Galleria delle Carrozze, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze

17 gennaio - 31 maggio 2013


June 2022

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