Italy has one of the oldest traditions of the world in meteorological and seismological fields. In the middle of the '600 was set up in Florence the first meteorological network, including Italian and foreign observers. Later, in the first half of 700, began the first attempts to record earthquakes, at first with simple seismoscopes, then over the next two hundred years with increasingly sophisticated tools.
Over the past 25 years, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) has developed a systematic approach aimed to recovering and promotion of the scientific and cultural observatories, instruments, and documentation of this intense and unique scientific tradition. 
Since Florence was one of the most prolific European centers for meteorology and seismology, INGV, in collaboration with the Province of Florence and the Ximenian Observatory, offers the exhibition " From the Sky to the Earth: meteorology and seismology in Florence from the 19th Century to Todayā€¯. 
Participating institutions are: CRA-CMA, CNR, INFN, INAF and many others from Italy and abroad. The exhibition is inspired by the experience of Florence to present about 140 instruments that emphasize the Italian record in this area, contextualized within euro-Mediterranean partnership.
This is an exhibition never realized at the international level. Much of the instruments are being subject to appropriate treatment at the restoration laboratory of INGV in Rome.
The exhibition includes an extensive use of multimedia presentations, with images and virtualization in 3D and a fully illustrated catalog. 
The long scientific tradition documented in the exhibition, the uniqueness of it and the ability to self-handling by research bodies promoters highlight the great liveliness of that part of the Italian scientific world committed to natural hazards.



Galleria delle Carrozze, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze

17 gennaio - 31 maggio 2013

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August 2022

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